Scratch: computer programming enrichment at AALC

Charles Roth, 16 Jan 2010

I. Introduction
Scratch is a simple computer programming "language" for kids.  It provides a simple and elegant platform for building your own games and experiments.  Scratch is free, and runs on most computers, including Windows 98 and above, and Mac's.

During the Jan-Feb 2010 Friday enrichment period at AALC, I am teaching a class on Scratch to a group of intermediate school students, ages 9-11.  This page is primarily intended as a resource for my students, although I am happy to talk to anyone about Scratch.

II. Student programs
I have placed some of my students' programs here, for ease of downloading in case they want to work with them at home. 

Note: many of the computers that we are using at AALC run Windows 98(!), and can only run Scratch 1.2.  (The current version is 1.4.)  If you build a Scratch program under 1.4, it will probably not work on the older computers.